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If you are looking to get involved in community service projects in the Northern VA area you should join this Meetup! From cooking meals at homeless shelters and handing out lunches to homeless people in DC, to providing stuffed animals to hospitalized children and assisting disabled veterans, this group does a lot of great things to give back to the community!

Thank you to our sponsor- The Barbera Group, LLC!

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Clean Great Falls Park

Needs a location

The Potomac River is one of the largest rivers that flows into the Chesapeake Bay, and is the source of up to 75% of the drinking and washing water in the region. Littering, runoff, and trash contribute to a widespread problem that affects everyone. In addition to the impact litter has on the local environment, it ultimately makes its way to the ocean and can cause severe damage to ocean plant and wildlife in its existing state and as it breaks down over time. It is critical that we do our part to PREVENT trash from getting into the Potomac river and ultimately the ocean. On 4/27 from 9:00AM-1:00PM, we will be picking up litter alongside the Potomac River in McLean, VA trash bags, gloves, trash pickers, etc. will be provided. All you need to do is bring yourself, your friends, your kids and get ready to pick up some trash! This is a big effort, and there is a lot of trash that needs to be picked up, so we will need about 40 people. For every straw, plastic bag, flip flop, or candy wrapper that you pick up, you can know that you are making a huge impact on our environment which will help to keep our Potomac River clean and safe for all of us to enjoy! Note: This event requires a ticket purchase of $5. Ticket sales will help to purchase 100 bouquets of flowers to be delivered to mothers of domestic violence on Mother's Day. So while you help out mother nature by cleaning up trash at Great Falls Park, you will also be helping out many mothers in need this Mother's Day! Your ticket is tax-deductible, so please keep the e-mail receipt after registration for your records. Please RSVP via: www.barberafoundation.org/upcomingevents One more thing.. Great Falls Park notified me that every volunteer will receive a FREE one time admission to any other national park for helping out with this event! Thanks and I look forward to seeing you there!

Arts & Crafts with Seniors

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Come on out to an elderly rehab center located in Sterling, VA (Specific address to be provided upon RSVP), and help the elderly and disabled picture frames, paintings, cards, etc. It is always a highlight of their week when they get to interact and create arts & crafts with volunteers! Hope to see you there! Note: Ticket sales will go towards supporting this and/or other events of the Barbera Foundation. Donations are 100% tax deductible! Look forward to seeing you at this event! Thanks, Kevin

Mother's Day Dinner!


Hello! We need your help to prepare and serve dinner for 200 people at a low-income elderly community in Herndon, VA! If you would like to volunteer, please bring a prepared dish of comfort food (cooking to be done at home, serving size for 10-20 people) in an aluminum catering dish. Here are some ideas for dishes that we need... Main Dishes: Mac and cheese, lasagna, meat loaf, beef stew, shepherd's pie, chicken pot pie, scalloped potatoes, mashed potatoes, etc. Desserts: Apple pie, chocolate cake, rice pudding, bread pudding, chocolate pudding pie, etc. Please RSVP here: www.barberafoundation.org/upcomingevents Specific location provided upon RSVP Thanks for all of your help in making this event possible and hope to see you there! Kevin Barbera Founder, CEO Barbera Foundation www.barberafoundation.org

Help Women of Domestic Violence: Flower delivery

Running the Barbera Foundation has been an incredibly positive experience for me for many reasons.. one of them being that I am able to meet some amazing people who are devoted to lifting up others and bringing about positive change in our community. One person in particular, who helped to inspire this event, is named Jessica. Jessica is a survivor of domestic abuse and devotes much of her time helping women who are unfortunately going through similar circumstances. I had the pleasure of speaking with Jessica and discussing various ways the Barbera Foundation could assist her in helping women of domestic violence. Jessica mentioned that women of domestic violence are displaced and practically come to shelters with no more than they are wearing. They are incredibly vulnerable, and need to know that they are cared for, thought of, and loved. They need to feel beautiful and confident. We decided that a great way to help, would be to deliver bouquets of flowers to all of the mothers living at Shelter House (www.shelterhouse.org). (Shelter House is a community-based, non-profit organization that provides crisis intervention, safe housing, and supportive services to homeless families and victims of domestic violence in our community.) We will need approximately 100 bouquets of flowers ($20 each) for the mothers at Shelter House. We need YOUR help to make this event possible! If you would like to purchase a bouquet for a victim of domestic abuse this Mother's day, please simply register for this event and purchase a ticket(s). Each ticket will help to pay for one bouquet of flowers. In addition, we would also like to attach a personalized card to each of the bouquets that we donate. If possible, please write a Mother's Day card with an uplifting/inspirational note and send to: The Barbera Foundation PO Box 2293 Reston, VA 20195 Make a mother of domestic violence feel loved and purchase a bouquet today! Register NOW! Thank you so much for your contribution, Kevin www.barberafoundation.org

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