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Reston Stitch n' Bitch Holiday Celebration

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Happy Holidays! Come help us celebrate another productive year of stitching and camaraderie. As the holidays are in full swing and we wind down on another year, we will once again have our very popular White Elephant exchange aka a Yankee Swap for this meetup. Please review the guidelines below. Participation is optional.

Those who wish to participate are asked to bring one gift, wrapped with no name tag. Selecting a gift is possibly the most challenging part of the whole exercise. The gift does not have to be fancy or fiber related. It can be conservative, functional, whacky, or whimsical - whatever your heart desires. The price tag is not the issue. The key is to find a gift that makes a statement for you. Do you want people to squabble over your entry, or would you rather have someone contentedly tuck your gift away? Keep in mind that you are buying for an anonymous recipient and that you could go home with your own gift. Gift submission is anonymous. You don't have to admit to being the bearer of a gift unless you want to.

A Yankee Swap works as follows: Each person will draw a number and that will determine the order of play. The first person selects an unopened gift. Each person following has the option of selecting an unopened present or "stealing" an opened gift, provided it is not "DEAD". If your gift is stolen, you then get to choose an unopened gift or steal from someone else. This continues until someone selects an unopened gift and then the next person takes a turn. After everyone has taken a turn, Person 1 has the option of "stealing" from any remaining stealable gifts. This is an exchange between two people and does not trigger additional steals. (e.g. Person 1 selects Person 10's gift. Person 10 gets Person's 1's gift but Person 10 is not able to then steal from someone else. A gift is dead when it has been stolen 3 times.

Opened gifts must be visible for everyone to see. . The best Yankee Swaps are the creative ones. I participated in another where someone else once brought a 5'x 3' framed painting of Elvis on Velvet, obviously a gag/re-gift. Many times it is all in the packaging...we can't quite help ourselves in trying to guess what is inside. $20 is the MAX. Please don't exceed this. Be creative! The concept of the game is what is fun and we all have enough expenses this time of year. :)

The Swap itself will take place at [u]approximately 7 pm[/u] to give people time to arrive, eat, and get settled. As we learned from last year, this is a popular event and it takes time to get through all the openings and swaps. As always....bring your stitching. You can knit and admire while the event goes on!