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Restore Black America is more than just a Meetup group. It is an invigorating call to Black America on what it really takes to build a strong sense of community as well as true economic and political power. The Restore Black America Meetup group will be based around activities mentioned in the Restore Black America book which contains a defined 6 step action plan on how to achieve wealth, gain political power, rebuild the community, improve and maintain health, and tap into divine creative spiritual power.

The Restore Black America Foundation is an organization that was founded to provide the tools to the black community to make the necessary changes in order to implement the 100 Year Plan in those 6 areas.

The RBA Foundation will have a strategic focus on building schools for black entrepreneurs, as economics is the nucleus to all the other issues in the community. However we will not stop there, the Foundation will be producing healthy soul food cookbooks, health soul food cooking classes, basic law books, family plan guides, and strategic life plans to assist in the other areas of our society.

Please be sure to look out for our upcoming meetups in the following areas on such things as:

Restore Black Culture Events:

Black Art Galleries

Networking Events

Documentary Filming

Restore Black Economics Events:

Restore Black Wall Street Event

Entrepreneur School/Classes (for both adults and the youth)

Business Networking Events

Restore Black Politics Events:

Political Action Committees

Legal Classes

Restore Black Health Events:

Healthy Cooking Classes

Healthy Living Cookouts

Fitness Camps

Restore Black Family Events:

Family Fun Days

Relationships and Networking Mixers

Men's Training School

Women's Training School

Restore Black Spirituality Events:

Spiritual Economics Conference

Strategic Life Planning Sessions

and much more...

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