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5 Day Youth Entrepreneur Camp Intensive (Back to School Launch-Parents Welcome)
This 5 Day Bootcamp series is part of the strategic plan to rebuild the black community over the next 100 years taken from the action plan of the Restore Black America book. This program is dedicated to producing more African American entrepreneurs by taking the youth by the hand and walking them through the steps of creating a real sustainable business as a part of your wealth portfolio. By the end of the course, students will have an actual business plan and should be ready to start their first business upon graduation. Unlike traditional Universities this program will yield more than just a diploma but an actual business plan to launch your career as an entrepreneur. Prerequisite: Must have a strong hunger to be in business to create a better life for yourself and an animal ambition to build an empire and win big in life. Materials: Any materials needed will be distributed during the camp Duration: 5 classes will occur during a 5 day period of teaching based on how to build a sustainable business that can grow, provide you with a lucrative lifestyle, and can be passed on for generations. Workload: Students are expected to attend each class and participate. This will be an active learning environment complete with activities, where students will not only receive lectures but will actually implement lessons taught in the class on the spot. This will be included in the daily activities. Day 1 – Choosing A Business Model Students will learn... 1. Why choosing the right model is as important as the right industry 2. The difference business models that exist 3. Pros & Cons of each business model 4. How to choose and expansion model Objective: This day students should have a chosen business model that they would like to pursue. Day 2 – Creating A Business Plan Students will learn... 1. How to create a solid business 2. Why having money effects every area of your life 3. How to use business to create the lifestyle of your dreams 4. The difference between a hustle and building an empire Objective: This day students will have a fully developed business plan using a pre-prepared business template Day 3 – Legal Protection & Creating Your Business Name Students will learn... 1. The truth behind what a corporation really is 2. How to pay less taxes legally with your own corporation 3. The different corporate options 4. Building and protecting your brand 5. How to use corporations to protect your personal assets Objective: This day students will learn how to legally register their business entity with the state Day 4 – Marketing Strategies & Automation Students will learn... 1. Why marketing is the most important element of your business 2. The 4 major pillars of marketing 3. How to automate your marketing using web marketing 4. How to create money at the push of a button Objective: This day students will get a basic understanding of how to build a basic website in class to start collecting leads and interest for their business Day 5 – Preparing For Your Official Launch Students will learn... 1. Review of the basics of the course 2. An idea of what to expect in the world of entrepreneurship 3. Where you can find help along the way 4. Double checking to make your foundation is solid Objective: Students will set an official date to launch their official business. Students will also have the opportunity to shoot a live video commercial

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Restore Black America is more than just a Meetup group. It is an invigorating call to Black America on what it really takes to build a strong sense of community as well as true economic and political power. The Restore Black America Meetup group will be based around activities mentioned in the Restore Black America book which contains a defined 6 step action plan on how to achieve wealth, gain political power, rebuild the community, improve and maintain health, and tap into divine creative spiritual power.

The Restore Black America Foundation is an organization that was founded to provide the tools to the black community to make the necessary changes in order to implement the 100 Year Plan in those 6 areas.

The RBA Foundation will have a strategic focus on building schools for black entrepreneurs, as economics is the nucleus to all the other issues in the community. However we will not stop there, the Foundation will be producing healthy soul food cookbooks, health soul food cooking classes, basic law books, family plan guides, and strategic life plans to assist in the other areas of our society.

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