What we're about

Working with the Retire F.R.E.E. framework, we meet for short, playful workshops with a serious purpose: to set yourself free to live the retirement life of your dreams.

How would it feel to live a life in retirement that your kids would envy? That's everyone's dream, right? Then why is it so hard to get that?

This group is for you if you resonate with any of the following:

- You are planning to retire soon-ish and dread the word, "retirement." (Retire from what? Living? Chocolate???)

- You have left you job behind and are seeking a new vision for your life.

- You traded your job churn for life churn. You thought you'd break free of responsibility in retirement, but now you're repeating the same old patterns.

- You believe (or want to believe) that life gets better with age.

A happy retirement takes more than money security and good health (although those are important). Living well in retirement requires a shift in mindset to live life on our terms, whatever the future may hold.

Join us as we create new rules for living for living our joyful "UnRetired" lives.

This group is organized and led by: Janet Kodish, Certified Life and Retirement Coach and
Founder of My UnRetired Life. (https://www.janetkodish.com)

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Retirement Breakthrough Experience: Feel it! Envision It! Live It!

The Ask Building - Port Workspaces

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