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Those of us who would like to experience natural human strength and the freedom of a holistic lifestyle but fear that it is no longer safe.  Integration of body mind and spirit has played a significant role in saving relationships, and building wholeness and prosperity. The best kept secrets are revealed through this process. There are many safe and healthy ways and places for us to learn more about the experience.
We will gradually introduce you, listen to you, support you, educate you and give you feedback. We are a community of extraordinary educated and learning individuals. We love, honor, respect and even commission each other as trustworthy neighbors.
This is NOT about politics, power, money or even success. This IS about wholeness and strength. It IS about maintaining the freedom to be who we are without judgement, shame or fear. If you are seeking natural, integrated wholeness and want to be completely comfortable being open and honest in the company of other people of integrity, you will find yourself at home with us.
The fellowship is designed to  encourage adults of all ages regardless of race, orientation, faith or economic class to share your story, your trade, professional skills, your homes and your experience with others. We are all about shedding our facades in the interest of wellness, personal growth and development.
Yes we do want to achieve prosperity and abundance and reclaim our personal authority to live unapologetic lives. Collectively and personally, we can establish a stronghold of free thinkers influence personal change in our lives. How? It begins by listening and learning. We proceed by understanding what it means to be whole and complete as individuals and as a community.
We learn to optimize our lives and cultivate our way of being so that we can do whatever it takes to have the abundance and prosperity to make a difference in human lives. We learn to celebrate who we are personally and collectively. We learn to know ourselves and seek improvement by letting go of Anger Sadness Fear Hurt and Guilt.
We relinquish the fear and shame that has negatively influenced our decisions. We will set our sights on the pursuit of joy and happiness through excellence. This is an opportunity to engage in social and private productive projects in safety with confidence. We will conduct charity fund raising, competitions and private endeavors.
We will have game nights, workouts, movie night, watch sports, and challenge each other. We will conduct research to find solutions to nagging challenges. We will support and care for each other as a community of friends.

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