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Why join a Revolutionizing Divorce Support Group? if you're like most people going through divorce, you're probably feeling alone. Your friends can't really help you through the emotional turmoil. They are all married, and just can't relate. But guess what, you're not alone/ A divorce support group will bring together a group of 1 - 10 sojourners. Groups meet twice a month over a period of three months to share the common themes of that particular phase of divorce. You will discuss, ask questions, reflect and examine beliefs. Together, you will listen to divorce stories and offer each other a safe place of acceptance and healing, while you grieve, regain confidence and start anew. Group sessions are followed up with monthly coaching sessions, targeting where you are stuck, offering fresh perspectives and creating accountability in moving forward. This powerful combination of group connection plus coaching is what will champion you through this painful time and get you to the other side. The three phases of Group Coaching parallel the three phases of divorce and are offered as separate modules. You are encouraged to move through the modules consecutively to experience the momentum of accelerated personal growth and healing!

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