What we're about

The market is at all-time highs. Is it time to SELL?

There are many investors who want to sell but who are hesitating. They are worried about tax and estate issues that can wipe out the legacy they have worked so hard to achieve, and they don’t know where to find help.

Unfortunately, many investors will sell their real estate without addressing these issues, and they find out later about the devastating consequences these issues will have on their portfolio, often after it’s too late to fully recover.

What would it be worth to your clients, to learn about strategies that allow them to sell their real estate AND preserve the legacy they worked so hard to create?

What would it be worth to YOU to help these clients solve the issues that are preventing them from selling their real estate?

We want to give you the goods you need to help your client sell! We will:

1. Educate professionals about issues that present significant risks to their client’s
2. Inspire professionals to identify clients that would benefit from collaborating
with our experts.
3. Cultivate awareness about real estate options that may be a valuable part of your
client’s strategy.

We WILL help you understand the issues your clients face in a HIGH RPM market, and how to create effective strategies for them which may include buying and selling real estate assets.

Who Will Be There?

Real Estate professionals who regularly work with real estate investors including:

• Commercial Brokers
• CPAs
• Estate Planning and Real Estate Attorneys
• Property Managers
• Qualified Intermediaries
• other Real Estate Professionals


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