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The building is located in the back courtyard of a Post building. So once you found that, enter the back courtyard by passing by one of the barriers on the left and right of the Post building.

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Simple concurrency with Akka
Lets face it writing fault tolerant, concurrent and scalable application is hard. Working with locks and threads are painful and sometimes plain wrong.

I think it is because we are using wrong tools to build our concurrent, fault tolerant and scalable applications. We need a tool that will raise the level of abstract so that we don’t have to deal with complexity cause by threads, synchronization and locks.

“Threads are to concurrency as witchcraft is to physics”

“Hanging by a thread is the punishment for shared state concurrency” Gilad Bracha

Akka is able to provide the right set of tools that we need to build correctly a scalable and concurrent application. In this presentation we will explore Akka and how it helps us to build Reactive applications.

Nilanjan is a consultant/trainer and core member of Play framework team. He works for Typesafe. He has more than 12 years of experience managing and developing software solutions in Java, Ruby, Groovy and also in Scala. He is zealous about programming in Scala ever since he got introduced to this beautiful language. He enjoys sharing his experience via talks in various conferences and he is also the author of the "Scala in Action