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Photoshop Project Night

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Photoshop Project Night

This Week (4/25):

Learn to use Lightroom 4 to process a raw file or a jpg file. We will focus on how to use the Develop Module.

Let's face it, digital photography isn't like film photography. We can't just mail our image to a lab and wait for nice pictures to come back from the lab. Now you are the lab, fixing your images in some sort of image editing program is at least half the job you have as the photographer. Below you will find my plan to help you with this problem.

Every other week I plan to run the Photoshop Project Night. The basic plan is that I will demonstrate a project from Photoshop CS6, Lightroom 4, or Photoshop Elements. The project will be announced in advance and don't worry about the version of Photoshop you have, if it's a CS6 night and you only have Elements that's OK because Elements does most of the same stuff as CS6 and I can help you find the workarounds. I will also give you a worksheet so you can try the project at home and then post your results in a Facebook group so everyone can see your work.

Here is the link to join the Facebook group:

Photoshop is a huge program and it's very difficult to learn on your own. Here is your chance to learn it and practice it with a supportive group to help you. Many people have told me they want to learn Photoshop and now that I have a larger studio I can offer it at this super inexpensive price. However, Photoshop night will need at least 3 people to run. Classes with less than 3 will be cancelled.

My new favorite quote and I think it definitely applies to learning Photoshop.

"People that want to do something, do what's convenient. People that are determined to do something do whatever it takes."