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Introduction to Digital Photography (4-2 hour Classes)

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Introduction to Digital Photography

Level: Beginners

Camera: Digital SLRs

This is the new intro. class and is intended for people that have taken the 3 hour outdoor workshop already but if you haven't taken the workshop first that's ok too. Each class may be taken separately for $99.99 but this is the better deal because you get all 4 classes for $299.99. One other option is the Learn it all Workshop where you get this class plus an outdoor workshop, a software lesson, and access to my online class called for $500. If you want to register for just one class at $99.99 or the Learn it all Workshop, please e-mail to register.

Recommended Pre-requisite: 3 Hour Outdoor Workshop (

1. Digital SLR Kick Start:

In this class we will go over all of the important button, functions, and menu settings in your camera. Understanding your camera controls and functions. The five most valuable features. Features to avoid. Checklist of what your camera can and cannot do. How to get the most out of your digital camera. The biggest advantage of shooting digital: the right way to use your LCD monitor.
Assignment: Use Dpreview to compare your camera to 2 others in its class

2. Exposure I:

In this class we will discuss how your camera deals with white balance and exposure.

Controlling White Balance and Other Aspects, In-Camera
The color of light for the non-physics major. Understanding the white balance options. The easy way to getting the correct white balance. Adjusting the in-camera level for sharpening and color saturation.
Assignment: White Balance Before and After

We will also discuss the exposure triangle and ISO. The primary exposure concepts. Why cameras sometimes make images that are too dark. Using Exposure Compensation, a simple method for perfect exposures. Learn where to meter from and use Exposure Lock. The part ISO plays in exposure. Tip: Use a Semi Automatic mode while maintaining full control.
Assignment: Exposure: Over, Under and Just Right

3. Exposure II:

In this class will will continue our discussion of exposure specifically dealing with shutter speeds and f/stops. Creative Control of Apertures (f/stops) and Shutter Speeds
Learn “depth of field” and motion control with aperture and shutter speed selection, using the camera’s automatic and semi-automatic modes. A primer on depth of field. Prevent blurring from camera shake and subject movement. Great news about exposure when changing f/stops or shutter speeds in certain camera modes.
Assignment: Aperture/Depth of Field Control; also, Shutter Speed/Motion Control

4. Composition:

In this class we will discuss the basic principles of composition and apply them to your images. Principles of visual design. Putting the Rule of Thirds to good use. An easy way to understand the Golden Rectangle. Shooting vertical as well as horizontal photos. Understanding lens focal lengths. Wide angle and telephoto options with digital SLR “focal length magnification factors”.
Assignment: Rule of Thirds

Recommended next class:

Intermediate Level Digital Photography or an intermediate level specialty course. (

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