February 2013 - Zachary Scott on Contributing to Ruby

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We've got another out-of-town guest planned for RIRUG. Zachary Scott is heading down from Vermont to talk to us about contributing to the Ruby language.

Ruby 2.0's release date is expected in February, so let's learn how we can help -- and also how we can be proactive about fixing anything that breaks our apps.

The Batchbook folks have graciously offered to host again.

Here is Zachary's talk proposal:

# Contributing to Ruby

Newcomer or seasoned veteran looking to get involved with Ruby documentation? We'll show you it's not as scary as it may seem, and there's plenty of ways to help. It's important to give back to the open source community and improve things for future developers.

This talk will teach you the value of open-source, the benefits of contributing, and a little bit about how ruby-core works. You will learn what to look for when spotting documentation bugs in the MRI source code. We will cover the guidelines to writing MRI documentation, and how to submit a patch. Including helpful tricks using ri and rdoc.

Zachary Scott is a Ruby committer since September 2012 who will gladly help with your first patch into ruby-core.