What we're about

Hello Rhode Island Vegans! The mission of this group has changed so please review and decide if this group is still right for you!

This group is for vegans that want to get together socially and participate in activist groups in Rhode Island and beyond. I will post Rhode Island, NYC & NE vegan events. Vegan life is growing and we need to continue the growth in our part of the world, most people need a little education about factory farming, climate change and heath issues associated with the consumption of animals to get a better understanding of why a adopting a vegan lifestyle can be very rewarding and healthy!

I will host food events and ones that are activist / socially minded so we can become more involved in the better treatment of animals and the planet locally and globally.

Who am I? I am a VEGAN Chef that cooks only VEGAN food and an activist that that fights for animal rights.

I hope you enjoy this group and we can work together on changing how the world views food, animals and the planet.

Thanks for joining!

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