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DURATION: 1.50 or less should do it.

DISTANCE: 3 miles

Level 1 for distance however moderate terrain: short but very hilly terrain as the name implies.

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Flying over the densely populated Silver Lake/Olneyville area in Providence, with its unique, tightly-woven pattern of streets lined with multi-family residences, you will see an oasis of 88-acres of green – This wilderness park, situated in the heart of the most densely populated area of the City, unique in the Providence Park System, 88 acres of trees, fields, and wild flowers, interspersed with valleys, ravines, glacial boulders, stone walls, fresh water springs and brooks. The Hill is the natural habitat for a multitude of small woodland animals including deer, fox, and wild turkey. The trail system in the park only extends into a small area of about 3 miles.

Rich in history, the Great Hill of Neutaconkanut was the northwest boundary in the land agreement between Roger Williams, founder of our state, and the Narragansett Sachems.

The Hill is the highest point in Providence. (Elevation: 296 feet above sea level.) From the hilltop meadow and from several hiking trails are spectacular views of the City and nearly a quarter of the State.The forested woodlands, with several miles of hiking/walking trails*, provide a panorama of picturesque stone walls, unique geological formations, natural springs and brooks, wild flowers and berries. *The WPA originally created the recently restored paths in the 1930s.

Bring plenty of water and a snack. Remember ticks are out and active, bring spray if you have it. Hope to see you there.

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