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Before signing up for this event, please read and understand the entire Write-Up and the Liability Waiver. By signing up for this event you, and any guest agree to the terms of the waiver.

Event Rating: Level 2 (Moderate)

Recommended for members who have completed one or more Level 2 hikes

Distance: ~7 miles

Time Duration: ~4 hours (including car spotting)

Blaze Orange: required

The Midstate Trail runs 92 miles through Worcester County, Massachusetts. The southern end of the trail is on the Rhode Island border in Douglas, MA. The northern end of the trail is on the New Hampshire border in Ashburnham, MA.

Please sign up for this hike only if you are interested in hiking the entire Midstate Trail. By signing up for this first section, you will be assured of having a spot on all future hikes. There is no expectation that you will be able to attend every hike, just that you will attend most weeks.

We will be following the hike plan in the "Midstate Trail Guidebook", which is produced by the Midstate Trail Association. The guide breaks the trail down into 17 sections. We will begin with Section 17, at the MA/RI border. In the following weeks we will hike north on the trail, with the goal of completing roughly half the sections before taking a break from the trail during the coldest part of winter. We will resume hiking in the spring.

The trail is mostly flat woodland trails and forest roads, which are relatively easy hiking. Some of the trail is on paved roads, and there are some short, steep sections and stream crossings. It passes through swamps, suburbs, woods, and mountains. Along the northern part of the trail, it crosses the summits of Mt. Wachusett and Mt. Watatic.

As mentioned above, wearing blaze orange for this series of hikes is a requirement. We will be hiking on Sundays, and Massachusetts does not allow hunting on Sundays. Still wearing blaze orange is important for the safety of the group, since we will be walking on land where hunting is allowed and on roads. As always bring water, snacks, and bug spray. Wear footwear and clothing appropriate for hiking. All hikes are point to point, so car spotting will be involved. By attending these hikes, you agree to participate in that.


We will meet in a Douglas State Forest parking lot on Rt 16 in Douglas, MA. From Rte.146 and East Douglas, take Rte. 16 West. Lot is .9 miles past Cedar St. Cedar St. has a flashing yellow light, and takes you to Wallum Lake. The parking lot will be on your left. This will be the endpoint of the hike. We will carpool from there to parking located close to the start of the Midstate Trail.

Liability Waiver

As a condition of your voluntary participation in this activity you acknowledge and agree to the following: this activity involves inherent risks that can cause property damage, injury, illness, disability, and/or death to participants and/or others; you assume all risk associated with this activity; you are responsible for having the necessary knowledge, skills, abilities, clothing, and equipment to safely participate in this activity; you know and will follow the Hiker Responsibility Code described at www.hikesafe.com; the leader(s) of this activity are volunteers; and you for yourself, your heirs, executors, and administrators release, hold harmless, and indemnify the leader(s) and all members of this group from any and all claims for property damage, injury, illness, disability, and/or death - including those caused by negligence and/or other reasons.

Safety First!