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There's trouble abrewin' up on the hill. With a plentiful food supply of all them slowpoke hikers just strollin' along the trails making for easy pickins, the population of both the wolves and the coyotes is aboomin'. Trouble is, there ain't no room on the hill for both of 'em and now they're at war! They get awfully nasty and mighty hungry when they're awarin'. The problem for us is that we gotta run right between em' on our exercise hike. Best chance of makin' it through alive is goin' fast and stayin' together. Remember, there's safety in numbers, so try to keep up with the group - they prey on the week ones. And with all them nasty critters runnin' around out there, be sure to use extra caution on the trail... 'specially where you step.

10:00 AM, sharp. (My money's on the wolves.)


“Hey Mom, can I go outside and play?”

A couple of serious points:

-Hydrating well prior to hitting the trail and carrying additional water on the trail is a must. Bring lots of water!

-Wear clothing appropriate for the weather, keeping in mind that you will heat up quickly. Synthetic wicking and ventilating materials throughout every layer are best for keeping you dry while sweating. Avoid cotton! Wet clothing can cause hypothermia even above freezing. (Remember the name of the series?)

-Our trails are rough and loaded with toe-stubbing, ankle-twisting rocks and roots. Wear appropriate footwear! Also be prepared for seasonal trail conditions. There are often plenty of wet, muddy, and icy spots on some of our trail. This can make for slippery going. We will adjust our speed for safety in these areas.

-Lastly, please take a few minutes to check out the tabbed sections in the menu banner at the top of this page. There truly is some awfully good info in there, especially in the 'Pages' section, all intended to help you in becoming a wiser, safer, and happier hiker.

Liability Waiver:

As a condition of your voluntary participation in this activity you acknowledge and agree to the following: this activity involves inherent risks that can cause property damage, injury, illness, disability, and/or death to participants and/or others; you assume all risk associated with this activity; you are responsible for having the necessary knowledge, skills, abilities, clothing, and equipment to safely participate in this activity; you know and will follow the Hiker Responsibility Code described at www.hikesafe.com; the leader(s) of this activity are volunteers; and you for yourself, your heirs, executors, and administrators release, hold harmless, and indemnify the leader(s) and all members of this group from any and all claims for property damage, injury, illness, disability, and/or death - including those caused by negligence and/or other reasons.

Safety First!