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Hi useRs :-)

The summer is quickly getting closer and instead of working on your tan I encourage you to join the UseR! 2015 conference in Aalborg.

Tutorial Tuesday is a great kick-off to the actual conference starting Wednesday. The list of tutorials is long and you'll have a hard time not finding anything that will get you excited. There is a great line-up at the conference too. You might remember Romain Francios from his CopenhagenR talk on Rcpp!

And hey.. You don't want to miss the social programme!

You may also submit an abstract for a talk, so make sure to read about the abstract submission.
If you are a newbie you can do a short 5 minute talk, but there's also the possibility of doing a longer session.
It's kinda like #rstat TED talks! You should do one! Make sure to register for the conference at the official conference website!

Best regards,
The organizers

List of invited talks:
• Thomas Lumley (R Core, Survey)
• Adrian Baddeley (Spatstat)
• Steffen Lauritzen (gRaphical models)
• Di Cook (GGobi)
• Romain Francois (R/C++)
• Susan Holmes (phyloseq)

List of turtorials:

• Analysis and Visualization of Large Complex Data with Tessera (Ryan Hafen and Stephen Elston)
• Applied Machine Learning and Efficient Model Selection with mlr (Bernd Bischl and Michel Lang)
• Applied Spatial Data Analysis with R (Virgilio Gomez Rubio)
• Bayesian Networks and Graphical Models with R (Søren Højsgaard and Therese Graversen)
• Bioconductor for high-throughput sequence analysis (Martin Morgan)
• Data manipulation with dplyr (Hadley Wickham)
• Efficient statistical consulting using R Workflow for data analysis projects (Peter Baker)
• Getting to Know Grid Graphics (Paul Murrell)
• Handling missing values with a special focus on the use of principal components methods (Julie Josse and Francois Husson)
• Introduction to Bayesain Data Analysis with R (Rasmus Bååth)
• RHadoop (Andrie de Vries and Simon Field)
• Rocker: Using R on Docker (Dirk Eddelbuettel)
• spatstat: An R package for analysing spatial point patterns (Adrian Baddeley and Ege Rubak)
• Statistical analysis of network data (Gabor Csardi)
• Testing R Code (Richard J. Cotton)
• Using Pandoc's markdown with R (Gergely Daroczi)