Rhus useR meeting



**Accessing digital cultural heritage as data – Solr and R**

Digitalisation of cultural heritage is a part of almost all cultural institutions strategies. This typically results in graphic search interfaces making the cultural heritage accessible for everyone with an internet connection. But what if we want to access our digital cultural heritage as data? What options do we then have? Downloads? APIs? This presentation’s focus lies on extracting data from Solr-databases into R with the package “solrium”.

Max Odsberg Pedersen, Det Kgl. Bibliotek

**Predicting milk production using R**

In a dairy company like Arla Foods it is crucial to know how much milk our cows will produce in order to do production planning.
In this talk I will present how we have used R to build a forecasting model, and how we have taken that model from proof-of-concept to production where it is now producing weekly forecasts for our planning department.

Johannes Tang Kristensen, Senior Data Scientist, Arla Foods