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THE MISSION: The mission of the Rhymecology focus group is to use the power of hip-hop lyrics and culture to help lyricists of any level discover and create themselves as artists and human beings.

THE INSPIRATION: What do you have in common with Mos Def, Eminem, Nas, and Jay-Z? You are a writer just like them! We all use the same language and words, so there is no reason that you can’t be writing lyrics on their level. Their classic songs don’t just fall from the sky; they are created from ideas and words which go from their mind to the notebook and into the studio. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, Rhymecology will give you the tools to take your lyric writing to the next level!

THE TRUTH:The world of the structure, content and rhyme schemes in hip-hop lyrics have changed dramatically. Simple rhyme schemes and generic topics just don’t cut it anymore. Lyrics are immediately put under a microscope and there no leeway for emerging artists to take their time to grow. Get prepared NOW with multi-syllabic rhymes/outside the box topics/freestyle secrets and lyric writing exercises.

THE SESSIONS: Rhymecology sessions will be interactive and thought provoking. We have listening sessions, listening to each other as well as talented lyricists throughout hip-hop history. We will push each other to reach greater lyrical heights while still respecting everyone’s perspective level of writing.
• Lyric Writing Exercises
• Multi-Syllabic Rhymes
• “Outside the Box” Topics
• Freestyle Secrets
• Expanding Creative Content

Budding Rhymecologists....Make your mark in the world! LETS DO THIS!


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Songsalive Xmas Open Mic

Elevation Bar

The Write Rhymes Workshop

14725 1/2 Oxnard St

The Write Rhymes Workshop

14725 1/2 Oxnard St


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