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Cyndy Paige, owner of Rhythm of the Earth, is a long-time student of Sun Bear's Chippewa Medicine Wheel, and she uses the teachings of the wheel to inspire the circles to create a connection between heart, soul and the natural world. The Earth Mother and the plants and animals we share her with have much to teach us!

"The entire experience of the Sacred Circle is of course...healing. The drum rhythms I teach are ancient, mostly slow, meditative and deeply transformative (the heartbeat for instance). They feel of course, quite shamanic because we connect with the energies of the earth...the animals...the elements...the trees...the stones...the heart of the Earth Mother. We also connect with whatever each circle member’s experience of the divine is...whatever name, feeling, system or belief. Even though I teach from a Native American foundation, it matters not what or who (divine energy) you bring to the circle...all are honored. At the core...the experience of the Rhythms, Dances, Sounds, and Energy of the circle, are deeply Spiritual, and of course a feeling of Unity, Peace and Balance is possible. The space in the center of a lovingly created sound cannot help but heal and expand our hearts. Absolutely no experience is needed, and if you don’t have a frame drum, one will be provided."

Cyndy Snake Dancer Paige received the name “Snake Dancer” from Spirit in a profound Vision Quest experience. She is of Muscogee Creek and Choctaw heritage and is a Council member of the Buffalo Trace Society. She is a traditionally trained Shamanic Sound Healer and Sacred Drum and Rattle Maker who has extensively studied Earth honoring traditions, in initiatory type apprenticeships, with indigenous elders.

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Self-Healing Through Shamanic Journey, with Cyndy Paige, Live on Zoom

Self-Healing Through Shamanic Journey, with Cyndy Paige, Live on Zoom

Join us during the energy of Buffalo’s teachings under the Medicine Wheel of Life - A powerful time for learning an ancient process to connect with your Ancestors and Guides!

During our weekend together you will be introduced to an ancient way of connection and a process of integrative healing that will serve you your entire life. As you follow the heartbeat of the drum, you will learn the techniques to enter the shamanic state of consciousness (the brain wave state of theta) to seek guidance, insight and healing. As humans all over the Earth have done for millennia, we will journey to remember our connection to the Earth and our Ancestors. Journeying is an excellent way to renew your relationship with your own soul's gifts as well as strengthen the power of your intuition. We are the ones we have been waiting for. Our families, community and the Earth Mother need our elevated consciousness.

These teachings and the experiences you will have will provide you with a foundation for your personal journey work. If you are interested in significantly deepening your understanding of shamanic journey through exploration of the Native American Medicine Wheel, these 2 days along with a private Chakra Clearing and Soul Retrieval Ceremony are prerequisites to joining the one-year shamanic apprenticeship, A Circle of Stones, opening in March!

."..so much has happened that I attribute to the work... it is so powerful... The work manifested in more than dreams... it manifested in reality!!"~L

Energy Exchange: $200.00 - To register via check, reach out for address, to register via credit card (small fee added), go to https://paypal.me/rhythmoftheearth/206 AND send an email to [masked], or call or text[masked]. Cyndy will send you a reply with instructions.

Place: The virtual world of Zoom Video Conferencing (a link will be provided via email after registration)

About the Teacher

Cyndy "Snake Dancer" Paige received her name from Spirit in a profound Vision Quest experience. Snake is often seen as a healer and teacher in both Native American and western medicine traditions. Cyndy is a longtime Council member of the Buffalo Trace Society. She has completed a several-year, initiatory-type apprenticeship with a Rainbow Medicine woman, and studied extensively with a Lakota shaman, a master drummer, a Grammy nominated sound healer, a pioneer in the world of past life regression, and numerous healers. She has a private healing practice, facilitates one-year shamanic apprenticeships, vision quest experiences, solstice andequinox retreats, numerous workshops, and is a guest speaker at conferences and independent schools. Cyndy also creates, and assists others to create, personal medicine tools such as drums, rattles, medicine bags and other ceremonial objects. She humbly honors her teachers, both seen and unseen.

Learn an Ancient Process of Connection and Empowerment - a One Year Journey

A Circle of Stones – A Shamanic Exploration of the Medicine Wheel

A One-Year Process of Connection and Personal Empowerment that Will Serve You a Lifetime

~With Cyndy “Snake Dancer” Paige,
Founder of Rhythm of the Earth

Shamanism is a very sacred and ancient practice. In fact, it is believed to be the oldest integrative healing modality on the planet. Shamanism provides us with a lifetime process and its power is truly felt in the bones with ripples of direct revelation and inspiration. In this one-year, committed circle we will explore the spiritual teachings of the Medicine Wheel through the shamanic journey process.

Why the Medicine Wheel? We are being called to unity, awakened consciousness and a deep connection with the Earth and all of our relations. We are being called to know ourselves and our highest purpose at this time. We are being called.

THE CIRCLE. The Medicine Wheel gives us a circle of knowledge that we can breathe into our hearts, our lives and our actions. We will remember that we are connected to all that live on the Earth; we will remember that the minerals, plants and animals are our teachers; we will hear the stories that ride on the winds; we will hear the wisdom of the rocks that have been here since the beginning of time; we will listen to the plants’ messages of health and vitality; and, we will listen to the animals as they share their gifts of love and their lessons of life. The Medicine Wheel is a powerful circle that holds all of these teachings. It provides us the space for a beautiful and life-transformative dance of enlightenment. Aho!
The schedule. During the year we will share two and a half hours on Thursdays evenings for 50 weeks on Zoom, beginning March 18, 2021. In addition to circle time you may schedule one private hour with me each month.

Prerequisites to this year are two private sessions with Cyndy – Chakra Clearing and Soul Retrieval Ceremony and attendance at Self-Healing Through Shamanic Journey, which is next offered February 27 and 28, 2021, from 10-5 each day. All on Zoom.

THE INVESTMENT AKA ENERGY EXCHANGE. $1,800.00 for teaching (quarterly and monthly payment plans are available). A $200 non-refundable deposit holds your space (https://paypal.me/rhythmoftheearth/206) and is due immediately.

For more information, please contact Cyndy “Snake Dancer” Paige

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