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Let's be mindful and discover aspects of ourselves
• What we'll do Chi work, mindfulness, Yang 24 Form • What to bring Comfortable clothes • Important to know...……………….. The paradox of filling our mind with the awareness of what our breath is doing, what every point in our body is doing, how every point connects to the next, what the connection between each of the points is, how every part of our body connects with every part of our environment so that we can be totally present, in the “now”, with an empty mind that is full...…………... And seeking comfort, the struggle between the historical mindset that wants to work harder by overcoming discomfort and the body that wants to fall asleep to recover; seeking comfort is the act of change towards a state of less pain, less discomfort, more comfort, more ease, a continuous flow towards an ease that makes it easier to continue to focus on the ease of our breath, the expanding warm and comfortable wave spreading through limbs, tissues, organs, our whole body.

Raleigh Road United Church

Raleigh Road, TW9 2DX · Richmond


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Welcome – my Tai Chi classes and workshops introduce you to the Yang Family “Form”, Chi Kung health exercises, Mindfulness, Breathwork, Relaxation and Meditation. These include sitting meditation and relaxation exercises as well as standing, relaxed, flowing group work. They are suitable for adults of all ages and fitness levels looking to benefit from this art.
“I am not here to teach you anything. I am here to share with you how I learn about Tai Chi. So you will begin to learn about Tai Chi through yourself.”
This is a group for people interested in self development through the practice of Tai chi, using breathing, meditation, gentle floor work and practice of the Yang forms as developed and taught by Vlady Stevanovitch.
Beginners' classes in Richmond and London Bridge.

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