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Are you interested in Ballroom Dancing? Do you yearn to glide across the dance floor to an elegant waltz? Do your feet start moving by themselves when you hear a Latin rhythm? Then welcome to the Richmond Ballroom Dancing Meetup. We meet regularly to learn beginner and intermediate ballroom dancing and to practice our dance skills at different venues around the Richmond Metro area.

Ballroom Dance is a wonderful way to get exercise. It’s a great way for singles to meet and for couples to have fun together.

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Rumba - Beginner Lesson & Practice at The Dance Space

Calling all non-dancers and new-dancers or people who just want to refresh their ballroom skills! This meetup is a unique combination of group class instruction packaged with a dance practice party, so you can leave at the end of the evening confident in your new skills. The Thursday "Beginner Lesson & Practice Dance" will get you started on the dance floor. No prior experience is needed. Partners are not needed. Singles, mixed-sex couples and same-sex couples are all welcome. From 7-7:45pm the class portion of the evening is will cover one Ballroom or Rhythm dance each week. The class includes technique such as dance frame, one or two basic steps and an understanding of the dance's rhythm. The weekly rotation is among the following dances: Rumba West Coast Swing Waltz East Coast Swing American Style Tango Hustle (Disco) Foxtrot At 7:45, the session switches to a practice dance. Music will be played until 9pm so you can practice dancing to the material taught during the class. During the dance the instructor will circulate, answering questions, working individually with the couples and occasionally stopping the music to briefly introduce an improvement for everyone to apply to their dancing. No special apparel required, just wear comfortable clothes, however we do need to talk about footwear. To take advantage of the wonderful wood floor you will need comfortable smooth-soled shoes. Flip flops and sneakers won't work with the former not staying on your feet and the latter sticking to the floor. Ballroom, jazz or character shoes are perfect, but are NOT required. Any comfortable shoe, that holds to your foot and has minimal "stick", will work fine. The cost is $10 per person for both the class and practice session, $5 per person for just the 7:45 to 9pm practice session. For more information on The Dance Space go to http://www.thedancespace.com.

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