What we're about

Going through a Divorce can be a lonely, confusing and a painful experience.
Whats even harder is finding a safe place to share what you are going through, the challenges you are facing, and what is keeping you stuck from moving on with your life.

Richmond Divorce Care is for those who are either going through a divorce currently or have already gone through a divorce, as a place to come together to share and support each other in a very practical, truthful and loving way.

The Goal of our group is to:

- Be Supportive in the struggle
- Be Truthful in where we are at in our journey
- Be Encouraging to where each want to move forward to.
- Be Resourceful and helpful in practically how to reclaim our life.

Who Should Attend:

This group is open to all who are.....

1. Going through a divorce currently
2. Have gone through a divorce but are feeling stuck still
3. For all who are tired of feeling stuck and are finally wanting more out of life, and wanting to redefine, reinvent and rediscover life through real help, support, truth and guidance.
4. For those who really want to grow and encourage and walk in Truth.

What we will talk about:

1. Each month we will meet 1x a month (starting in September)
2. Each meet up will comprise of times of sharing honestly of where we each are at in our journey and what our goal for that week is in our life.
3. Each meet up we will tackle a topic that will aid us in discussion, insight, meditation and sharing

Past events (13)

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