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If you enjoy socialising in nice venues, also outdoor pursuits, ie picnics, festivals and great patio bars etc.. then this group is for you. Get to know like minded friends, or potential partners, whilst exploring beautiful suburbs, such as Richmond and Ealing. I will be on hand to encourage you to have a good time, as I realise it's not always easy to venture out alone. I am more than happy to help with introductions should you require.

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✔PLEASE READ ALL ITINERARY 👇🏼 TABLE BOOKED UNDER MY NAME JOYCELYN COVID RULES STRICTLY APPLY - THIS EVENT IS ONLY OPEN TO MEMBERS THAT HAVE RECENTLY ATTENDED MY 2 PREVIOUS EVENTS..(AND WAS ON RSVP FOR CANCELLED TIME BAR EVENT) IN ORDER TO FORM SAFER BUBBLES!! DUE TO RESTRICTIONS NO PLUS FRIEND ON THIS ONE!! ✔✔IF YOUR NAME IS ADDED AND YOU CANNOT ATTEND PLEASE CHANGE YOUR RSVP A WEEK BEFORE..SO YOUR SPOT CAN BE FILLED. FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN NOT GETTING A SPOT AT A UPCOMING EVENT. SORRY TO BE OVERLY STRICT BUT DUE TO THE CURRENT CRISIS VENUES CAN'T AFFORD TO LOSE BUSINESS..AND IF WE WANT TO KEEP USING THIS PUB THEY'VE ASKED THAT I HAVE NO UNUSED SPOTS. ✔WE WILL BE SEATED IN A OUTSIDE COVERED HEATED AREA..(it does get toasty out there in nippy weather) JUST WRAP UP AND COME HAVE A GOOD TIME REGARDLESS!! YOUR FAVOURITE TIPPLE WILL SOON WARM YOU UP ;) ✔✔Fancy dress is optional as we will be in a rather regimented setting, so I've decided to ditch the idea of best dress up. Of course be as spookilicious as you wish to add to the fun factor, choice is yours :) Starting early due to 10pm curfew!!..should that change..still starting early..hehe! ALL HALLOWS FUN Come with me one and all to the streets of West London. Dare to enter the realms of fear this Halloween..whilst walking through the doors of the Express.. where a twisted night awaits you 😱 Come come I say, wear your favourite guise (optional) to scare or to thrill the choice is yours of course..but be aware you may never be the same again, especially if you meet your hearts desire💞 or unravel in the heat of the moment (if dressed like the mummy you might be in trouble..hehe!) with that special someone. I will be there to host for you whilst stirring the pot helping with intros if you wish..bwaahahaa!! Indulge and have your fill of your favourite poison before you get back into your coffins, enjoy the special blood curdling drinks on offer, delicious SLIMY CORDIALS with added EYEBALLS to taste 🤢 DRINKS ORDERED BY TABLE SERVICE ..OR APP!! NEW RULES MAY COME TO PASS BETWEEN NOW AND EVENT..PLEASE TAKE THEM INTO ACCOUNT. 🚩6.30PM EVENT KICKS OFF..PLEASE ATTEND ASAP PREFABLY WITHIN THE HOUR TO SECURE YOUR SPOT AS VENUE MAY TAKE TABLE FOR WALKINS! __________________________________________________ Being a avid ghost hunter (no joke) This is my favourite time of year, hope you enjoy it also. I look forward to hosting for you. Happy Halloween dearies 🙃 PS..There will be background music to add to the party mode.


🌟PLEASE READ ALL ITINERARY.. TABLES WILL BE SEPARATED IN GROUPS OF 6 PER TABLE..DUE TO COVID RULES. WE WILL BE SEATED IN THE OPEN CONSERVATORY. ASK FOR JOYCELYNS TABLE DRESS CODE - SMART CASUAL!! 🚩EVENT STARTS FROM 6PM, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO ARRIVE PROMPT.. BUT PLEASE COME AS SOON AS POS! ____________________________________________________ It's that time again, to enjoy some light hearted fun and banter, whilst making new friends and.. well who knows a possible 💏 should you be that way inclined.. hmm ;) This upmarket traditional Coaching Inn, recently refurbished to eye catching standards, boasts a large heated garden, and a new neon lighted conservatory, plus a cool outside bar!!! Yeayy! Background music will be played to keep up the feel good factor ;) Might add the food is rather scrumptious at this venue, if you fancy a bite to eat. Should you feel slightly anxious attending any of my events alone, rest assured you will be warmly welcomed by myself and other members. I am happy to introduce you across the group if you're fine with that. 🚩SOCIAL DISTANCING - We will have tables in line with social distancing rules (you decide which bubble you'd like to sit in)..no table hoping, stay seated etc etc. Regimental style partying won't stop us having a fab time!! Our tables will be at a safe distance, but close enough to create a nice party vibe 😉 This event is £3 per person, please pay host upon arrival. I look forward to hosting for you, and giving you a good night out! See you there..fingers crossed emergency lockdown passes us by 😖 PS..event is open to plus friends, who will also be politely asked to pay the event fee.


Ok so it's Friday 13th (ssh no need for superstition😖..🤞🏼lol) so let's step out and experience this lovely pub in the heart of Chiswick, right on the high street. It has a nice renovated heated, covered beer garden, which is where we will be seated.. 2x6..no table hoping allowed due to Covid rules. ✔RESERVATION IS UNDER MY NAME JOYCELYN! £3 EVENT FEE PAY ME ON ARRIVAL..CASH ONLY THANKS! DUE TO RESTRICTIONS ON NUMBERS THIS EVENT IS FOR MEMBERS ONLY! George IV is a pretty cool pub, which I might add is a popular hang out for TV personalities from time to time (yes it's true 😏). Please feel relaxed venturing out alone, as you will be warmly welcomed, and introduced to other friendly members, if you're ok with that. I look forward to giving you a great night out.

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