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Fourth Saturday fight practice
Sword-fighting! Synthetic training swords, spears and rondels and metal bucklers will be available for those who feel comfortable with less forgiving weapons (fencing masks will be available and must be worn), but we have some padded wooden dowels that may make less experienced folks feel more comfortable. We usually have thrown weapons and archery available, but if folks want to do that we'll have to climb over the tree trunk that fell across the path - it's about a yard across.

Elliot's place

7494 Normans Bridge Rd · Hanover

What we're about

This meetup is for fans of fantasy literature and gaming who want to try some adventuring in real life. Part fantasy-appreciation, part costuming, and part bushcraft, this group will draw inspiration from adventurers like those in Middle-Earth, Skyrim, or Westeros. The gaps will be filled in with practical knowledge taken from the experiences from everyone from medieval foresters to modern primitive campers. All of this will be tested on primitive hikes and camping trips with minimal modern equipment. If you want to get away from cell phones and email, sleep on the ground, and go on a quest with fellow fantasy fans, this is the group for you!

For ideas on gear and garb, along with miscellaneous other information, see the Pages ( tab.

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