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Android Espresso: A Screenshot is Worth 1,000 Words

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Do your product owners, designers and the people that pay you understand what in the world your Espresso tests are doing and why they are valuable? You've spent so much time and effort writing these tests and your whole team deserves to get the most benefit out of them. In this talk you'll learn how to setup your Espresso tests to take programatic screenshots, and leverage the Robot pattern of testing for clean, readable, and maintainable tests. You'll also learn guidelines on when it's appropriate to write Espresso tests instead of Robolectric or Unit tests, and how to leverage mock data to make your Espresso tests run with Tesla-like speed.

I have architected the Espresso test setup for our Capital One Wallet Android team and helped execute our ongoing continuous integration efforts. We've seen a 4x+ speed improvement over Appium, have more maintainable tests, and now have visibility for anyone to look into our test coverage.

Background for non-Android developers: Espresso is a framework provided by Google for testing Android. I'll quickly do an overview of what Espresso is before diving into the patterns we're using that we've found most effective and maintainable.

Sam is a Lead Android Engineer for Capital One Wallet. He has been working with Android since 2011 and has over 12 years of professional experience with full-stack development with Java and JavaScript. Check out his blog at

Additional directions for the room: Walk in from the Main Street entrance (The Horse Shoe), take the elevator to your right up to the 3rd floor. Walk out of the elevator to the left and walkagainst the hallway until you reach E3229.