What we're about

Often changes seem impossible, our dreams slip further away. Sometimes we are faced with what feels like insurmountable challenges in our personal life, work environment or health. And sometimes we simply ask questions about life - our purpose and meaning. Through chanting nam-myoho-renge-kyo based on Nichiren Buddhism we can develop from within our inner strength, courage, compassion for ourselves and others and deep wisdom to take the best action. We reveal our Buddha nature and work towards a world where life itself is accorded the greatest respect.

It begins with each of us determining to find and make a change, transforming traces of negativity or hopelessness or sadness or frustration into lives of creative value - our own humanistic transformation.

SGI-UK - Soka Gakkai International is a socially engaged Buddhist movement for peace where individuals participate in activities for peace, meet together to chant and share and support each other. Everyone is welcome. Everyone.

Discussion meeting - each month there is an opportunity to chant together and discuss how Nichiren Buddhism supports daily life.

Study - each month there is a study meeting where Buddhist teaching are explained though examples of life experiences

We meet locally and you are most welcome to come along and find out more.

There is also this website which is packed with information and activities and contacts

Happiness is a choice and it begins each day.


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