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Food Not Bombs- Preparing

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[img][/img] If you would like to help us prepare come to 2005 Barton Ave between 12:00pm and 3:30pm for food preparation. At 4pm on Sundays come out and help us at the SE Corner of Monroe Park (corner of Main & Belvidere) Location: Monroe Park Corner of N. Laurel and Franklin Street Richmond, VA 23220 804-577-7656 We will need cleanup help between 3:30 and 5:30 both at the house and the park. Seriously, just show up, it's totally cool! Needed Donations: Sponges Scrubbers Dish cloths Dish towels sharp cutting knives Food Not Bombs Food Not Bombs is an organization devoted to developing positive personal, political, and economic alternatives. Often, revolutionaries are depicted as working for the overthrow of the government by any means necessary. Food Not Bombs groups, in general, do not have the time or resources to attack, tear down, or overthrow the existing death culture. By not spending our time trying to overthrow the existing power structure does not mean never struggle with it. By simply exerting our basic rights to free speech and association, we are challenging the power elite and they will try to stop us. However, we focus on what needs to be done. We want to create new alternatives. We want to create life affirming structures from the ground up. We want to replace the death culture with a culture of "Plumbers Not Bombs", "Daycare Not Bombs", and "Healthcare Not Bombs". Read more:


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