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•Wednesday, June 12,2013
•Petersburg, VA
•Private Residence
•Directions forwarded upon RSVP, Petersburg, VA (map)
•Please RSVP to [masked] to reserve your space and get directions.

•"Every person who moves to a higher state of consciousness helps all of humanity to awaken. It begins with your own spiritual awakening. Deeksha can support you on your journey whatever your faith, belief, or spiritual path."

•Deeksha, the Oneness Blessing, Awakening Blessing, is a transfer of divine intelligent energy (grace) through which the divine begins a process to guide you on your own individual journey to awakening with All That Is. Oneness is not a religion. You may continue on whatever religious, spiritual, agnostic, etc., path that you choose.

The weekly Oneness, Awakening Blessing/Deeksha Circle begins with a brief discussion of a key teaching of Sri AmmaBhagavan, founders of the Oneness Movement in India, and considered by millions to be avatars of enlightenment. Sri AmmaBhagavan state:

" Any teaching, including those given by us, remains only a teaching until you have a direct experience of its underlying meaning, which is possible only through divine intervention." Deeksha facilitates the divine intervention needed to bring the teaching of Sri AmmaBhagavan or any other spiritual teacher you may follow, into your direct personal experience.

The discussion is followed by a brief meditation, and Deeksha from one or more Deeksha givers. Experiences may vary. Many feel a deep peace or joy. Some feel nothing at all. Whatever the subjective experience, Deeksha initiates a process leading to awakening that ends the sense of separation that is the cause of suffering.

You will be asked to sit quietly for 10-15 minutes following Deeksha.

There is no charge or suggested donation for Deeksha. The event and the blessing are free. In keeping with the universal principal that ' it is in giving that we receive', you are strongly encouraged to perform an act of kindness in gratitude for the grace that you receive.

Please RSVP to [masked] to reserve your seat as space is limited.

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