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Wisdom of the Guide Teleconference Meetup

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Dear Transformers, Please join me for our on-going series. Based on very deep channeled lectures on the soul's purpose on earth and the process of conscious evolution, it includes an in depth exploration of our inner distortions, defenses, and ways that we lose ourselves. With great compassion and encouragement the Guide asks us to engage consciously with life and its larger spiritual purposes. There are 258 lectures and we have been going through them in order. You can download all lectures for free at

If you would like more support coming into this discussion, please feel free to call me or join me on one of the Soul Whispering sessions to have a more basic general conversation about this material.

When the lectures were given new people would join in the middle so to speak. So each lecture is a small microcosm of the larger path. As you read more of them, the more the whole gestalt emerges. They are really quite amazing so I hope you give it a try. Truly a Path of Self-transformation.

Rather than try to keep up with the lectures, please contact me at my regular email or telephone 540 752 5540 to find out the current lecture and get the notes.

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