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Artist of the Wall in-city Walk, and dinner at Siam Pasta

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note: this is Lori's hike, to which she is extending an invitation to our group. i will be in the city working on our move from the second to the first floor of our building, and will not be on the hike, but you will be the capable hands of Lori and Uncle Dave, and i hope to come to the dinner.

please direct questions or comments to Lori or Dave at the e-mails or phones listed at the end of this invitation. also, please take some pictures, including some of the Wall, and post them to meetup, since i won't be there. if you can't figure out how to post them, text them to me. --Rick

Hi Friends,

Most of you know that I do the Artist of the Wall painting contest. It was held in mid-June and I painted a spot with my mentee, Sarah. Dave wasn't able to join us, so here is what we are planning:

Saturday, July 20th:

1:00 p.m. - Meet at the Wall - Loyola Beach - Farwell Street. We will walk the wall and look at all the art. It turned out quite nice this year as it usually does.

2:00 p.m. - Dave and I plan on doing a walk - we will head north ending with a meal at Siam Pasta, 809 Dempster in Evanston. It's 3 miles to the restaurant, so I would estimate us being there by around 3:30ish. If you plan on only joining at the restaurant, best to be in contact by phone to see how our timing is going. After the meal we will walk back, so it will be a total 6 mile walk.

Hope you can join us for some or all of this colorful afternoon!

Take care,

Lori & Dave

Lori e-mail 708-945-3168 - Lori cell

Dave e-mail 773-817-4910 - Dave cell