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my daughter, Kim and her faithful dog, Gambit, recently moved to Korinthos to be with Kim's boyfriend, Argi. i miss Kim and Gambit a lot--but i like to put a positive spin on things, and think i'm not losing a daughter, i'm gaining an enchanting place to visit her at.

but man does not live by imposing on his children alone, so if i will be making extended stays in Greece, i would like to meet some friends to hang out with in the tavernas, the beaches, the ancient sites. i've been running a hiking group in my home town of Chicago since a few days after 9/11/01 http://www.meetup.com/Ricks-Hiking-Fun-Group/ , and have met many wonderful people thru meetup. i hope to do it again, and i'd like to meet YOU. my Greek is mostly confined to Που ειναι η τουαλετα? but i know there are many English speaking ex-pats around, and many Greeks speak English too, so i hope i can meet some friendly people i can hang out with, and actually speak to.

so i'm sending this up the flagpole, and seeing who salutes. thanks, and hope to meet you soon,


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