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Usually the times and locations displayed for our events are wrong. The actual dates, times, and locations can be found by solving a trio of puzzles posted in the event description.


Q - How do I find you once I reach the venue?

A - There will be a white sphinx at our table.

Q - What happens at the events?

A - There is no agenda, the events evolve into whatever participants wish to make of them. Things usually start off with drinks and conversation, further riddles and quirky ideas are frequently exchanged; after that, sometimes it’s bar hopping, sometimes we end up crashing parties at the university, sometimes we end up at somebody’s home. All options are open.

Q - I am completely and utterly stuck on one of the riddles. Any chance for an extra hint?

A - If you have given it 24h, send me a message, and I’ll be happy to provide an extra hint.

Q - I think I know the solutions for the upcoming event, but I am not sure. Would you confirm them if I sent them to you?

A - Of course. Message me, I will be happy to either confirm or give an extra hint.

Q - There is a flaw/ambiguity in one of the riddles. Should I let you know?

A - Thanks for spotting it. Yes, please do let me know.

Q - I won’t be able to join any of your events because I live far away/am agoraphobic/am serving a prison sentence/accidentally locked myself in a maintenance closet 4 years ago and can’t get out… however, I really like riddles. Can you use a beta tester?

A - Yes! Always! When making a riddle one automatically knows the solution, so gauging the difficulty is almost impossible. Beta testers are always welcome. Please send me a message.

Q - What is the purpose of this?

A - I like the idea of providing a community for people who enjoy an intellectual challenge.

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