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"You know when you are just back from an adventure experience; your body is hungry for sleep, but your mind, heart and soul are fulfilled beyond belief? The unique places you been, the redefined limits you pushed your body to reach, and the like-minded yet so different friends you just made over the past few days, all keep your eyes wide opened swiping through the photos with a smile on your face? Your bag remains unpacked because you are yearning for more, and longing for other joyful and adventurous moments like these!!"

At Ridge Adventure Community we want to be with you in this state of mind and soul every time we are together on one of our adventure-loaded local or international experiences.

We believe in using Adventure Travel as a catalyst for #DevelopingCommunities it touches and #SustainingNature it's nurtured by as our two foundation stones. And to these two causes we have dedicated most of our efforts and our revenue.

Hence our experiences are designed with these four main pillars:

* #GuidedByLocal: Organized and designed by Ridge and guided by individuals from the local communities, since they have the best knowledge of the areas we visit, benefit the most from the extra income provided by their visitors and are prone to payback to their communities

* #OffTheBeatenTrail: we along with our local guides prefer to take you on non-commercial and hidden paths, the type you won't find in guide books or travel's blogs, ones where you touch the land and feel the essence of the history

* #Ranked: All maintain a ranking system for each adventure, according to the activities performed, your experience and fitness level. So the fitter you become, the further you can push

* #Affordable: Offered for an affordable budget that goes into sustaining Ridge and its local people - as your adventure community, developing the local areas we impact and funding our environmental initiatives. Because we think that travel should be made accessible to everyone to experience.

You will find us outdoors hiking, trekking, canyoning, camping, climbing, abseiling, JUMPing SO HIGH of joy sometimes and of fear others.. We go down too; diving, snorkeling... You know, the kind of activities we know you too enjoy

Ridge Adventure maintains an official registered entity with a physical office in Muscat - Oman

Long story short, Yalla join us and - Go Wild

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