What we're about

Classy time! We are an easy going, social group of ebike and scooter riders who enjoy urban e-movement, countryside ebike get-togethers, adventure rides, occasional lunches and drinks, and more! Everyone's welcome to join and ride e-vehicles with us regardless of ability; just come with a cheerful attitude, sense of humor, and a willingness to meet new people and make new friends.

While many of us would tour France, none of us aspire to do the Tour de France!
We are more about social and fitness than top performance.

Our get-together ebike rides include mountain and coastal routes, and we organize 3-5 events a week during the summer season. We avoid busy city roads and prefer locations that offer a combination of adventure, sightseeing, clean and fresh air, and charming low-traffic trails that seem to exist only for us. Our rides may include a picnic, barbecue, hiking, swimming, a pub or a cafe, or wine, beer, and local produce tasting.

If you are new in the Rijeka area or you are staying for a couple days before heading out to Croatian islands, join us for a drink in town or an ebike ride, meeting people, and sightseeing that you'd never experience otherwise. Don't worry about not having an e-bike, we'll get one for you.

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