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The Reiki Share - Helping Hand & Healing Hands Project
The Reiki Share - Healing and Helping Hands Project. I was recently thinking about a way to share Reiki and helping others and found a group doing a Reiki Share Project to help caregivers and this warmed my heart... and made me want to offer something like this in our area. Our goal would be that The Reiki Share Healing and Helping Hands Project would look for volunteers and partners with community organizations to offer classes and presentations in the surrounding area. That we can help train people that are caregivers, and they help their friends, family, and clients with the Gift of Reiki. That as a group we can help provide Resources, a space to host training sessions, and a community for caregivers. By sharing the gift of Reiki, we hope to empower others as they journey toward healing and balance in their daily lives. If you would be interested in being a part of this group then come out and let's get planning.

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