What we're about

This group is for (18+) adults, who experienced very challenging childhood conditions such as various forms of abuse, neglect and abandonment, and now struggle with everyday living and fulfilling their true potential.

It is for those who are interested in healing their social anxiety, emotional flashbacks, negative self-perception, lack of motivation, perfectionism, automatic people pleasing, and other symptoms resulting from a complex childhood trauma.

The aim of those meetups is to gently rise above the negative childhood programming through learning, written exercises, coaching, sharing, and being in a dedicated, safe space for healing and growth.

The format of the meetings will be monthly 2 hour meetings, that begin with a short (30 mins) presentation, followed up by 60 minutes of coaching, sharing and Q&A time.

Occasionally I will also be organising longer workshops, where we can dive deeper and apply what we learn in practical ways.

The meetings will be held in Reading, Berkshire and will cost £20/evening/person - to cover admin, venue and sundries (biscuits, tea, coffee).

My method is to mix different areas of science and research, such as neuroscience, philosophy, spirituality, psychology, epigenetics and of course my own life experiences.

We are all on the journey of learning and this is a space where we can do it safely, without judgment and encourage each other to take those tiny steps towards healing the legacy of our toxic childhood programming.


This group is not meant to replace any medical treatment or therapy.

I am a certified life coach under International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring, however, I am not a doctor or a therapist.

My mission is to share information and tools that can help to heal our deeply rooted childhood wounds in a practical way, by taking responsibility for our learning, thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

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