Rise Refresh - Networking Etiquette

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As you are aware, in today's competitive, globalized world, the value of soft skills has been further enhanced and we all can confirm that it is indeed the need of the hour.

Young professionals/ young adults are especially seeking help w.r.t. confidence-building and interpersonal skills according to the Deloitte 2018 millennial survey. In their view, businesses are insufficiently focusing on soft skills.

A good Networking Etiquette will help people in terms of client acquisitions and maintaining client relationships.

Our goal is to teach the participants how to build their pipeline and reach potential clients effectively.

This session will focus on how to:
1. Network for Success
2. Set Goals
3. Manage new Contacts
It's about building relationships, not collecting contacts.

The speakers for the session are:

1. Reba Coelho

Reba Coelho is a Certified Image Consultant, a Certified Soft Skills Trainer and a Certified Train The Trainer ("TTT") trainer. After 3 years in the corporate consulting space at Deloitte India, working with numerous Deloitte Member Firms (across the globe) and being exposed to various service industries, she decided to make an alteration in her career path and pursued this new career to help individuals with their personal and professional growth.

She's currently working with individuals in various service industries as well as with groups in the educational and beauty service industry to help develop their soft skills.

She currently conducts regular training sessions for soft skills subjects related to image management (creating powerful first impressions), body language, communication skills, presentation skills, customer service, team building, corporate, social and networking etiquette and interview skills (the campus to corporate transition).

Link - https://www.linkedin.com/in/reba-coelho-b282b012a

2. Sonia Anand

Sonia Anand is a Certified Image Consultant, Certified Soft Skills Trainer and a Certified Train the Trainer (TTT). She has trained individuals and groups on various Appearance, Behavior and Attitude related topics such as Body Language, Etiquette and Communication Skills.

She has held workshops for students and corporates on Interview Skills Training, The ABC's of Image Management, Creating Powerful First Impressions, Dressing For Success and Business Etiquette.

Her passion is to enhance people’s lives by making her clients feel beautiful both inside and out and by helping them become the best version of themselves, which not only leads to accelerated careers but also improvement in their personal lives.

She strongly believes that everyone has their own personal style and just needs the direction on how to successfully create a powerful impact. The way you look, the way you walk, the way you talk is what gives you that edge, creates a difference and helps you stand out.

Link - https://www.linkedin.com/in/sonia-anand-977a8b171