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Rise and Shine!!

Start the day by enjoying it! Strange concept? Maybe not!

Let's get our priorities straight! Work is definitely important, but feeling happy and enjoying the simple things in life is the base of all! I found my New Years resolution for 2016 printed on a coffee (to go!) cup and it hit home:
'Do more of what makes you happy!'

Let's start the day with what is really important! Good times, good company, positive talks, a healthy breakfast and a good coffee.

+It is free! +You win extra social time in the week + Casual, relaxed get together, not trendy and no fuss +You go to work after you had a decent breakfast +It is early enough to still be in time to go to the office, start running our errands, sending out emails etcetera etcetera...

We welcome you to join us on our quest of becoming a morning person! (At least on Thursdays...)

We will make it as easy as possible, we will arrange a nice breakfast place and discover the morning life of Amsterdam together. From cool breakfast bars until breakfast in the park on those summery days! (they will come!)

Locals, expats and everyone in between please feel welcome to join! You are welcome to bring any grumpy friend or neighbor ;)

Just make sure you sign up when you join and cancel maximum the day before. (For practical/capacity reasons.)
There will be no additional costs, it's pay for your own brekky-style. You snooze you lose ;)

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Long time no see! How are you 🤗

Needs a location

Breakfast tomorrow at Morgan&Mees, join us!!

Morgan & Mees

Tomorrow 4-11 'November Breakfast' at Teds (West)

Needs a location

Breakfast @ the Breakfast Club Haarlemmerplein

Needs a location

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