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Join us in this prayer ceremony for balance, harmony and to give gratitude for our shared planet, "Pachamama".

WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER! We are making this Saturday's Global Despacho Ceremony completely donation based. Nobody will be turned away for lack of funds!

All donations go directly to support the livelihood of the medicine people hosting this gathering, both locally and internationally. In addition to providing access to healing for our neighbors, family and friends, your donation also supports community-led ecological restoration projects in Peru.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Please click on this link to make your donation.

Class will be hosted on ZOOM Online. If you are new to Zoom and to speed up the process, you can download the Zoom app ahead of time which is The direct link to the class is

A Despacho is a gift for the Pachamama that we create in ceremony. It places us in right relationship (“ayni”) with the Pachamama, with our work, our families and our own internal landscape. This is the most significantly used ceremony in the High Andes.

The Despacho ceremony reconnects us to ourselves as it awakens and strengthens our core energy centers:
Yankay - our personal power and source of action, located in our belly;
Munay - the source of our love, located in our heart center, and;
Yachay – the wisdom sourced from our third eye.

In this ceremony, we establish new patterns of relation-ship and possibility in the world. Despachos are both mystical and practical. They are truly a living art form!

MAESTRO LUIS QUISPE served on the Q’ero Nation council for 2019, and is a phenomenal reader of coca leaves. Known as the last living descendants of the Inka bloodline in Peru, and the keepers of the coca wisdom, the Q’ero still follow the ancient traditions of their ancestors by paying spiritual reciprocity to the Mother Earth (Pachamama) and the Apus (mountain guardians) through traditional “saminchay” fire ceremonies. Luis dedicates his life to sharing ancestral wisdom and traditional ceremony with humility and cultural integrity to ensure the wisdom of his lineage continues to feed the spirit of the Earth and benefits all people far into future generations.

Born and raised in Louisiana, CAROLINA PUTNAM has been living full-time in Peru for the past 7 years adopted into a family of the Q'ero Nation. She is the founder & director of Reviveolution, a Peruvian non-profit and multicultural team of pioneers dedicated to eco-cultural regeneration. She serves as an intercultural translator for indigenous leaders & ceremonies around the world and facilitates an indigenous women's weaving collective to share ancestral arts & education on an international scale. She has been organizing educational opportunities for local Peruvians and international students that have resulted in the spread of regenerative agriculture and organic food access across the Sacred Valley. Caroline coordinates unique cross-cultural immersions & community events to provide a platform for sharing earth-centered wisdom. Her work aims to inspire individuals and communities to sculpt a middle path between ancestral wisdom and modern innovation for a resilient future.

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