Puppy Yoga!


What's better than Puppies?? And they will help you de-stress from life! Learn Gentle Yoga and play with the puppies! It is healing just to be around puppies and they will help relax you and raise your vibration! Learn about yoga stretching and how it can benefit your body. Yoga is for anyone of any age, young and mature can benefit from the stretches of yoga. This is an intro level class. You do not have to be flexible to benefit from yoga stretches. Come learn something new and bring a friend! Gentle yoga is a style of yoga that is far less strenuous than other forms. It is less intense, so it can be very useful for people who are not capable of fulfilling the demands of other practices, such as: Seniors Women who are pregnant Practitioners who are recovering from injury Those who are in poor physical condition Those who are simply looking for a more relaxed workout This practice can also be beneficial to those who already are quite fit but who lack the overall flexibility to be able to do some of the more intense yoga poses. Yoga helps to maintain flexibility in the joints and primes the muscles for more intense activity, both of which decrease the risk of injury. Yoga is also beneficial for mental well-being, lympatic and digestive health.

Come join us for fun, gentle, nurturing care for your body! Class Fee: $15 Please RSVP at least 2 hours before class time. You can respond on Meetup, Facebook, or call us at[masked]. Thanks!

Note: You do not have to bring a dog to participate... We provide the puppies!