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Change is a natural part of the human experience. How will you meet it?

This Group supports Rites of Passage and VisionQuests (which are a version of these Rites) and offers these ceremonies in Michigan every August. We pass from one life phase to another, from the moment of our birth through the moment of our death. Along the way we face predictable shock points: physical maturation, career choices, parenthood decisions, the making and breaking of relationships, health changes, retirement, and so on. Some of these are met with great joy. Others may leave us confused and bewildered, searching for meaning and new direction. We often move ahead without integrating these experiences, and miss critical learning opportunities. Rites of Passage Support Our Evolution. Every defining event in our life story has a distinct purpose. When we understand that purpose and find it’s meaning, we can go forward in beauty. Rites of Passage ceremonies help us make healthy transitions from one stage of life to the next. Like all good roadmaps, Rites of Passage help us understand where we are now, how we got there, and where we’re going. They allow us to reflect on what has happened, grieve what may have been lost, understand what we’ve gained, and move with confidence into our next stage.

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