What we're about

What does a hectic morning sound like to you?

What does stress sound like to you?

How about happiness?

People come together to release different energies they feel. They also communicate to one another through the beats, sounds and rhythms of drumming and flutes. This has been a new project we are trying to start and work hard on, trying to create a light environment for individuals and a happier atmosphere. Coming together and playing music can be joyous and good for the ears and mind. Drums "talk" to one another, this method has been used for centuries to communicate and express the way that we feel, given hurt or happiness and many other emotions. Drums were used to communicate to other tribal members as well, they were used as mysterious rights of passage.

Now I know what you're thinking...

" I have to be a musician to be in a drum circle."


" I have to be a music major to be in a drum circle"


" I don't have the talent to be in a drum circle."

The truth is, music for many centuries has come from the heart and the way that we feel.

We don't have to be professionals to express the way that we feel toward one another, this is the basis of human communication.

I know what else you're thinking.

"I'm going to be judged."


"Feeling pressured makes me nervous."


"I'm shy."

This is not the case. We create a judgement free environment, all levels of experience are welcome. This is a great opportunity to create and develop friendships and light.

Come join us!

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Gleaves Consulting

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River Song Drum and Flute Circle


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