What we're about

Any who wants to play Go most of the time can play here. Others similar logic games can include Tak, Arimaa or old fashion Chess. But most of the time I am considering playing Go. I will have a board on hand. I may start off having a meetup every 2-3 weeks. Eventually I would like others to setup a meetup on other days, if they would like more frequent times. I accept donations, to help run this, thanks. I take cryptocoins, paypal or cash. If you would like to learn how to play Go, Tak, Chess or even the rare Arimaa, I am willing to teach. **Sometimes there be free pizza or free other types of food, check meetup..

If you are not familiar with these games, let me give some insight. Go is one of those games where they say simple to learn but a long time to master. There has been more interest, since AI machine vs Human match that ended on the ides of March 2016 which the machine have won. Tak is a board game invented from the KingKiller Chronicle novels. It has the simple quality of Go but much less time consuming. Although can be as sophisticated n intricate as Go. Arimaa, this is the one few have heard of. You can play with the same pieces as you use in Chess. It is nothing like any other strategic game. There's Chess, most Westerner knows about it. The East have their own Chess. It still has it's prestige that some find it compelling to learn. I would not say I'm a professional in any of them, but you may learn a new skill with these interesting mental activities.

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