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This group will be a Dungeons and Dragons gaming group, mostly based on 5e rules, and focused more on dungeon crawls and less on exploration and role playing. Initially Riverside public library will be the location, although we may try other locations as well. Some of the dungeons will be homemade and others store-bought. Ideally we want it to be easy for people to drop in and out of the game since not everyone can make a regular time commitment. If you've not played in a long time you are more than welcome to come re-learn the game. Pre-made characters will generally be available if you don't want to create your own.

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So...what are we supposed to do with a blind basilisk?

North Riverside Public Library

Kill the monsters. Loot the bodies. Ride the basilisk.

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What's behind (on) door (level) number two?

Riverside Public Library

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