Healing Expo 2019 - Miracles Can Happen

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Come and sample a banquet of healing. From Reiki to Quigong and everything in between. we have gathered the finest spiritual an energy healers to offer you a taste of what they have to give. For a minimal entrance fee, you can experience as many healers and you like. Ask them questions, find out more about what they do and experience it first hand.

$20 Entrance fee.
Healer sessions are FREE.

--Theresa Silent Crow (Shawnee): Reiki Master, 15-years as a Reiki Healer, Medicine Drummer, PowWow Dancer, Sacred Pipekeeper
Reiki promotes balance of mind, body, and spirit. Energy blocks, deep relaxation, stress, better sleep, the immune system, self-healing. Reiki enhances our capacity to love, creativity, and focus. Theresa adds the support of angels to up the volume and power of her Reiki Sessions.

--Nathan: Pranic Healing & Medicine Energy for Body, Mind, Soul
Nathan and his group host FREE Healing clinics, meditation nights, and more. He is a licensed instructor of Master Choa Kok Sui Pranic Healing® for Southern California, Inland Empire South.

--Jan: Qigong—Balancing mind, body, emotions, spirit.
Qigong is the simplest and most powerful way to bring about perfect balance. It is one of the most powerful self-healing practices ever developed.

--Kim: Reconnective Healing—A Universal source of energy-light and information
Profound physical, emotional, and spiritual transformations. Without touching you, Kim brings through the healing frequencies and allows them to work as they are meant to for your highest good, without direction or intent for any specific outcome.

--Allen Burns and Sherry Clark: Re Hu Tek and Sombu Kotal —Ancient energies and the Mother of many subtle energy systems, mystery schools, and spiritual practices.
The power of Sombu Kotal has been lost in many traditions, covered up by religious and cultural layers that hide its simplicity. Re Hu Tek is clear, direct energy that integrates earth and cosmic energies for a clean, concentrated, and direct healing that works on all levels. It is unlike anything else you may have experienced before.

Katelyn Shea O’Connell: 35-years experience: Spiritual Mind Treatment to change limiting belief systems
Spiritual Mind Treatment acknowledges, “That which we are treating for already exists and is ours.” There is never asking or begging, only acceptance. Being one in Mind, this self-knowingness rises into your consciousness. The law of cause and effect make it so. It is done unto us as we believe!

--Nora and Daniel: Essential Touch
The AromaTouch technique is an essential oil application applied to the back and the or hand to create a feeling of overall wellness. It is both relaxing and energizing, plus it smells amazing!

--Kaila: Co-Owner of Divine Nature Living, Reiki Practitioner and trance Channel—Light Body Activations and Shamanic Clearing. She is a channel for Light Codes & Light Language. She uses a combination of Sensory Light Codes, Light Language, Toning, Galactic Activation, and Shamanic Clearing in her treatments. Sensory Light Codes clear, align and amplify energy within the body and auric field. She also uses telepathic and/or verbal Light Language or Toning to heal, unlock, and activate Galactic DNA. She also gives a Shamanic Clearing with every session for grounding, pulling out unneeded energy, and astral protection.

--Annie Johnson - Denali Healing Energy
A practitioner of energy healing for over 10 years, combining Quantum Touch, Reiki, Self-Created Health and other modalities into what she calls Denali Healing Energy, after her home in Alaska.Denali is the Crown Chakra of the planet Earth and a 5th Dimensional portal.
She can not only heal herself but help others heal profound physical issues. Helping others heal is her purpose and her passion.