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Looking for like-minded men who enjoy hanging out naked, together. We started this group because the IE is a big place and too many of us are looking for the same thing but don't know where to start. Hanging out naked isn't something that one normally hears about in every day life, so we figured it would be easier to find friends with the same interest here. We are hoping that we can have meetups in different places/homes, as variety is the spice! We will keep the attendance fees low and will help out hosts with the costs, as well. Are you ready to hang naked with friends? If you are a either a current member or requesting to join Riverside Naked Men Together, you are required to have a face pic in your profile at all times.

*****Read Below*****

Per the Meetup Community Guidelines:

1. Due to the nature of our events, opportunities to engage in sexual activity with other attendees may occur. A private area is available for such purposes.

2. By attending any group event, you acknowledge that any sexual activity that you choose to engage in is done so freely and expressly with your informed consent.

4. You further acknowledge and agree that you are under no pressure or expectation to participate in any sexual activity. Ever.

3. For everyone's safety, NO means NO. Period. Anyone who refuses to abide by this rule, or who in any way harasses (or endangers the safety of) other attendees will be removed from the event and banned from the group.

4. Condoms are always available. By choosing to participate in any sexual activity at a Riverside Naked Men Together Meetup, you acknowledge that you, solely, are responsible for your own health and agree to hold harmless Riverside Naked Men Together organizers and hosts.

5. You are never required to attend an event.

6. By attending any Riverside Naked Men Together Meetup event, you agree to hold harmless Riverside Naked Men Together, as well as its organizers and hosts.

7. RNMT organizers reserve the right to revoke, or deny, membership at their discretion, at any time and for any reason.

Please be aware that not everyone is admitted to the group.

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