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Come learn and practice simple breathing and meditation techniques that will lead you into a deeper connection to yourself. Use these techniques as tools in your everyday life to manage stress and stay connected at all times. Grow your self confidence, power and a experience a focused purpose to your life.

Our practice focuses on energy circulation in the body. If you are looking for physical healing, or you wish to learn more about energy and how it affects you...our practice will be perfect for you! You can experience various benefits through the many styles and techniques that we share. Some of the practices that you will see listed include:

-Magnet Meditation: feel the effect of the magnets moving energy inside the body

-Wooden Pillow: bring energy out of the head and open up the body

-Positive Vibes: join our group healing and share/send positive energy and distant healing

We look forward to meeting you and practicing together!

Upcoming events (5+)

Wooden Pillow

Needs a location

Come experience Healing by using wooden pillow many ways.

Aura Reading and Stress Evaluation

BodynBrain Yoga, Tai Chi

Come see where your energy is held in your body and see how it affects your ability to manage stress. Call for an appointment[masked]

Shin Myung Training

Needs a location

Shin Myung means to “brighten the mind”. Through a simple Bowing practice meant to empty ourselves and some other training the intention is the raise our consciousness and activate the upper chakras. Suitable for all levels.

Saturday Morning Sending Good Vibes

BodynBrain Yoga, Tai Chi

Join us for our Free Saturday Morning Sending Positive Vibes session. During this ~15 minute session, we will focus on sending positive energy to help & heal ourselves, our loved ones, our community and our Earth. You will also have the opportunity to bring requests for healing and/or positive intentions to someone or something that you feel could use some positive energy. Whether it's a personal request or a universal request, the positivity of the group will amplify the healing power.

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Aura Reading and Stress Evaluation

BodynBrain Yoga, Tai Chi

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