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The Heliotropic Principle is the seeking of light in darkness. Are you looking to illuminate your life? If so, join and find out what caused the darkness, individually and collectively, and what you can do to change it. It's time for greater enlightenment.

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Roanoke Unveil Your Divinity Using the Heliotropic Principle

1488 Peters Creek Rd

This event is being held at The United Metaphysical Churches Retreat Center at Roanoke, VA. and includes room and board plus the scheduled sessions. The cost for the event, incl. room and board starting on November 15 and ending on November 17 is $375.00 per person. There is a 30 attendee limit. Please visit https://www.unitedmeta.org/event/unveil-your-divinity/ or www.unitedmeta.org to make reservations and payments. Or call[masked]. All private coaching sessions are charged separately. The Heliotropic Principle is the seeking of light in darkness, which means that every living system has a tendency toward light and away from darkness. Are you seeking to illuminate your life? If so, this is the event you must attend. We open our weekend retreat extravaganza with a collaborative activity, 'Your Soul's GPS', on Friday, 11-15 at 7 PM after dinner. On Saturday, after breakfast, our first workshop is led by Dr. Sullivan, 'Be Your Own Joy Guide', where we explore the concepts and actual hands-on experience of happiness and wellbeing. Then, our second session is led by Ms. Haber, 'Unveil the Secret to Collective Consciousness', where the emphasis is on understanding how our collective thought power has manifested the physical creation of Earth – an essential element in changing what is and what will be. After lunch, she will continue with 'Unveil the Secret to Individual Conscious Creation', where you will learn how to positively influence your own life and thus affecting everything surrounding you. Then Dr. Sullivan guides you in her workshop, 'How Your Personality Type Affects Happiness', to live a happy life where you flourish in mind, body and spirit. For that to happen you have to know yourself and how to achieve your heart's desires. The afternoon ends with a 'Guided Meditation'. After dinner, Rev. Knuckles leads a group past life regression, 'Back To The Cause', where you return to an event in your past that is instrumental or 'the cause' in your movement forward helping you to understand what is holding you back and how you can release that. The event ends with 'The 4 R's To Joy – Return, Review, Release, Replace – where Ms. Haber and Dr. Sullivan guide you to analyze that pivotal life event you returned to, review it without judgment, release the trauma and fear associated with it, and replace it with positive visions, intentions and enlightened consciousness ending the struggle within. Your path to joy begins when you accept responsibility for your thoughts, actions and feelings without judgment, let go of your attachment to it and confidently embrace your purpose-filled future. Sunday morning, after breakfast, our Worship Service is held by Ms. Haber, Rev. Knuckles and Dr. Sullivan, ending this spectacular event. If you are seeking to illuminate your life, if you are seeking answers to complex questions about your past, of what is holding you back and how that is affecting everything you do, then this is the event you must attend. A greater understanding of what is must be sought in what has been which affects what will be. This is your opportunity to make life altering changes in your beliefs, thoughts and actions. Join us and make a difference.

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