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Anyone who aspires to be a Youtube celebrity can join. No experience necessary in filming videos. ...also, anyone looking to learn about film production from me can join and work with us behind the scenes. Here's the thing, I have this amazing house, called "The Art School," built in one of the only artist communities in North America, by George and Inga Solonevich, right here hidden away atop a mount in Roanoke, VA! They built like 9 or 10 homes here in this amazing, artistic European style, like a hippie community now sort of with really amazing neighbors. I film almost all of my videos here. I sometimes can film other locations if we make good friends and its okay to film at your house or apartment or, if we get permission to film somewhere else or if its okay, but I try not to film too much out there on private property or filming any strangers. I have gotten permission to film all over Roanoke for various films and videos though, Dixie Caverns, The Coffee Pot, etc., had both of those to ourselves, with owner's permission to film my feature film The Vampires of Zanzibar. For these Youtube videos I want to meet up at my house, here at The Art School. You can be a new star on my channel, and I can help you to start your own channel eventually. We may even start an all new channel that's more of a business and feature all of us, we'll see. So I am okay if we just film at my house, or if you need to stay the night, you can stay for free in the guest house which is vacant. We can film at locations you provide too if we have permission to film there. I have literally 20 years of real movie making experience. You can read my interactive resume at my website on http://www.JohnAngelMusician.com . Or you can look me up on IMDb or Youtube. My name is John Birmingham. Here is my main Youtube channel. http://www.Youtube.com/Johneeeee . I only have about 10 million views on there, but my videos of me acting on other peoples' page or videos of my films altogether have about 90 million to 100 million views. Yeah, I just want to collaborate with others, or if you are an aspiring star, I am right here, with all the filmmaking equipment and can film you and us. I would like to get a big group together of cool Youtube people to be friends and star in videos or film new videos. If you want to learn filmmaking from me you are more than welcome to crew on the videos and hang out. I am also looking for someone to be a camera operator who wants to learn. I am really looking forward to meeting you. It would be amazing if some of you have experience in Youtube already, and we can make friends, or if some of you are filmmakers or actors or creative types wanting to get into Youtube, or if you have no experience but a real motivation and interest and love for learning and doing these things now! Lets do this! Let's start filming. I am ready. We can film at my house. I have another friend here who is my roommate already and he has a Youtube channel that I got him started on. He is this older man who I bought the house from, really kind guy, cool person and decent human being. He cooks me meals and runs errands and just stays here for free. He just stays sometimes as a guest then takes off for other places sometimes when we need space from each other. I am a single, straight divorced man with two kids who live away from home by the way. You can see all about me on those links I provided. Anyway, yeah, let's meet up at the art school, or if you would like to meet out somewhere that's okay too. I really look forward to meeting other fellow aspiring Youtube celebrities or at least those who aspire to earn a living from Youtube, fellow filmmakers, actors, musicians, artists, writers. Check out my channel: http://www.Youtube.com/Johneeeee . Everyone interested in being on Youtube is welcome to join! I look forward to making friends with you. -John Birmingham

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