What we're about

We explore robotics at the hobbyist level. Join us as we learn new skills, build and program robots, and participate in robotics events.


Here is the basic layout of our group in terms of types of meetups.

Meet-and-Greet / Brainstorm sessions / Show-and-Tell -- socialize and daydream about the next big project.
Learning -- Members teach skills such as: "getting started with ROS", "Soldering surface mount components", "Machining gears", "Using a 3D printer to make components"
Build Time -- time to work on your projects using the host's equipment. We occasionally do competitive building/coding hackathons. If you don't have a project of your own, other members are usually more than willing to let you help them out and learn from them.
Field Trip -- local trips to places such as Sarcos (maybe) and remote trips to awesome events such as RoboGames, National Robotics Week specific events, Sparkfun's Autonomous Vehicle Competition, and the Hawaii Underwater Robot Challenge.

Past events (20)

Transcendence Movie Screening

Megaplex 17 Theaters at Jordan Commons

Robot Build Contest at EnjiGo - Deferred


Meet and Greet and Show and Tell


Photos (3)